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Aheadmold’s Supplier Management

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Aheadmold’s Supplier Management --- Aheadmold

As a responsible plastic mold maker, Aheadmold has very high requirements to mold quality. We also have a strict requirement for various suppliers to carry out. In the management of suppliers, we are tightened inspection all the time.
Suppliers of Aheadmold
For example, our steel suppliers are Groeditz, SCHMOLZ-BICKENBACH, ASSAB, FINKL, LKM, AUBERT&DUVAL, DAIDO, SINTO and so on. In order to offer a precision price to our customers, we require our steel suppliers to update the new price list average 2 to 3 months. Then our quotation engineers can quote the mold price according to the latest steel price list.

Before our steel suppliers deliver steel to our company, we will ask them to provide the material certification, and give it to us along with the steel.  When steel arrive at our company, our quality engineer will inspect both the size and the hardness at the first time. For Unqualified steels, we will return it back and ask them to provide qualified steels within a specified period.

Each month, our quality department will summarize all the quality problems for each supplier one by one. If the quality problem of the one supplier reached a certain proportion, we will send an amendment notification to this supplier, and require them thoroughly improve the quality. Besides, we will inspect the supplier again according to Aheadmold quality standards. We will stop cooperation with those unqualified suppliers. At the same time, we will look for some better suppliers through various channels. And for those suppliers who ensured both the quality and the delivery time, we will increase the purchase quantity appropriately, according to our customer requirements.

We believe that good suppliers just like our partners. They are the premise of offering our customers quality moulds.

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