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Assembly Team

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Mold assembly is important for mould manufacturingwe have a professional and strong assembly team.

At present,we have 4 assembly teams, each team has 8-10 workers.

To  ensure efficiency, most employees are arranged for daytime work; night shift only with 6 employees.


Assembly masters generally has 8-20 years tooling experience, some masters would take an apprentice.


Each team has Schedule Control Table, with mold progress updated everyday.


Schedule Control Table will reflect the customer code, Ahead mould number, mold start processing time, T0 time, mould up-to-date progress, responsible person for assembly, cavity surface requirements, core surface requirements, etc.


Quality Dept will arrange engineers for mold inspection according to our company Mold Acceptance Standard before mould delivery.

So Schedule Control Table also reflect moulds waiting for inspection or moulds ready for delivery.


Our company Management Board lay great emphasis in mold shop management ( include assembly team).


Our technical and management team defined various workflow such as:

Copper Electrodes Manufacturing Process       

Graphite Electrodes Manufacturing process

Welding process

Mould Improvement Process

Mould Modification Process

Mould Delivery Process

Oursourcing Management process



About mold weldingWe do welding only after the customer approval.

Normally, customer engineering changes will cause some welding for prototype molds.

Or for customer production moulds which stay our factory for long time, customer design changes will resulted in some welding.


Assembly team’s outward work:  General is texture, optical mirror polishing (A0 level), etc. 

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